EXPRESS Dual Drama Kohl Eye Pencil

Hello everyone

Who loves eye pencil?  This is

EXPRESS Dual Drama Kohl Eye Pencil

It comes in 4 colours. It cost Β£3.95. I deliver for Β£2. Why not have a look at my e-catalogue? My catalouge finishes on the 3rd of July. This is Orange Raven

This is Green Mocha

This is Canary Teal

And this is Cyan Navy


Catalogue ends on the 3rd of July

Hi everyone the above link will direct you to my catalogue which ends on the 3rd of July. Why not click on the link and have a look? I deliver word wide. Distance is no object. To put your order in just click on my contact page and let me know what you want to buy.


Rosie Compact Brush Kit

Great little 7-piece brush kit perfect for the handbag or travelling! Pretty soft plastic case with hibiscus print. Simply slide the attachment of your choice onto the plastic handle. Five aluminium and nylon brushes plus aluminium and polyurethane sponge eye shadow applicator. It cost Β£8.95.

I deliver world wide to order click onto my contact page.

Guide on how to use

ANGLED BRUSH – apply gel eye liner / brow colour

SPONGE APPLICATOR – apply and layer eye shadow

LIP BRUSH – precision application of apply lipstick or gloss

LASH COMB/EYEBROW BRUSH – define lashes after applying mascara / groom brows

MASCARA WAND – apply mascara / define lashes after applying mascara

STRAIGHT BRUSH – blend eye shadow

APPLICATOR HANDLE – simply slide on and off the attachment of your choice!


Skin Care Set NovAge True Perfection Set

Dull skin, dehydration and enlarged pores. The telltale signs of a hectic lifestyle, and the time to act to help delay the first signs of ageing. Introducing the NovAge True Perfection Skin Care Set, our advanced-performing skin care routine designed especially with busy women in mind.

Powered by patent pending Silk Tree Extract and Acai Plant Stem Cell extract, NovAge True Perfection provides instant hydration, purifies the skin cells to enhance radiance and minimise pores and offers antioxidant protection against free radicals.


The NovAge True Perfection Skin Care Set of six products is designed to follow the Oriflame Youth Enhancing Skin Care Routine. The products are designed to work in harmony to deliver the very best results.


Set contains:

NovAge Refining Foaming Gel Cleanser

NovAge Skin Renewing Toner

NovAge True Perfection Refreshing Eye Illuminator

NovAge True Perfection Miracle Perfecting Serum

NovAge True Perfection Perfecting Day Moisturiser

NovAge True Perfection Renewing Night Care

It cost Β£69 which is reduced from Β£115!

You can buy it from me by clicking on my contact page. I deliver word wide.πŸ˜€πŸŒπŸŒŽπŸŒ

Guide on how to use

Step 1: Cleanse

Start with NovAge Refining Foaming Gel Cleanser and Renewing Toner to clean your skin of make-up, impurities and dead cells. Not only do they leave your skin clean and refreshed, but they also allow for better absorption of the following products in the routine.

Step 2: Eyes

Then use True Perfection Refreshing Eye Illuminator to deliver powerful technologies to the delicate skin around your eyes, hydrating and smoothing out your first fine lines.

Step 3: Boost

Next, apply True Perfection Miracle Perfecting Serum to help amplify the effect of your day and night creams and give skin an instant radiance boost.

Step 4: Moisturise

Finish off with True Perfection Perfecting Day Cream. It provides all-day hydration and antioxidant protection. At night time, True Perfection Renewing Night Cream instantly hydrates and stimulates cell renewal while you sleep.


The ONE Colour Unlimited Eye Shadow Stick


There is The ONE Colour Unlimited Eye Shadow Stick. This versatile, long lasting waterproof eye shadow stick stands up to the elements. Portable, retractable stick perfect for lining or shadowing eyes. Butter-smooth and blends like a dream, the creamy texture dries to an intense shade that lasts for 24 hours. Β It cost Β£6.95. You can go onto the contact page and order it. I deliver word wide.

It comes in 9 shades which are: Iced Sand, Arctic Silver, Sahara Bronze, Mauve Lava, Amazon Night, Charcoal Dusk, Aqua Crush, Peacock Nacre and Lilac Reef. They are from the picture left to right.